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    Nick Burke

    Ok!! Now we are ready to make our first order of club clothing. We have some cool designs from Trimtex and I hope you like the look 🙂

    Here are some examples (sorry if the pictures are a bit small):

    Club clothing.


    To begin with we will make an order for the following:

    • Pro Triathlon Skin suit (with sleeves).
    • Triathlon Skin suit (without sleeves).
    • Elite cycling Jersey.
    • Elite cycling Bib shorts.
    • Elite light weight cycling jacket.
    • Running T-Shirt.

    All items are available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

    Some members have had a chance to test the fit and we can agree that the clothes are normal size throughout. I’m wearing size S in the Pro Triathlon Skin suit and also size S for everything else.

    Thanks to our wonderful sponsors the board of Trimate SK have a chance to offer all members 35% discount on club clothing from Trimtex.

    I will write a separate news blog about our new sponsors but as you can see the logos above you will notice:

    1. Samuelssons Tak AB
    2. Hansa Bygg
    3. Hogsby Sparbank
    4. Trimate.se
    5. Salming
    6. Planet X


    Here is the starting price for clothing:

    Pro Triathlon Skin suit (with sleeves). – Normal: 1359 kr / Club pris: 884 kr
    Triathlon Skin suit (without sleeves). – Normal: 1249 kr / Club pris: 812 kr
    Elite cycling Jersey. – Normal: 999 kr / Club pris: 650 kr
    Elite cycling Bib shorts. – Normal: 1299 kr / Club pris: 845 kr
    Elite light weight cycling jacket. – Normal: 1149 kr / Club pris: 747 kr
    Running T-Shirt. – Normal: 449 kr / Club pris: 292 kr

    If we make a big order it is possible to drive prices down even more.

    I hope we can have many members wearing Trimate SK colours and let everyone know that there is a new club in town! 🙂

    Please send your orders and sizes to me quickly. You can send me a message on Facebook or write directly on this members forum.

    We will make the first order on Monday 15th of February (Week 7). The clothes will be delivered in week 12.

    You can pay for the clothes when they are delivered.

    Let me know your orders! Thanks!


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    My order.
    ◾Pro Triathlon Skin suit (with sleeves). XS
    ◾Triathlon Skin suit (without sleeves). XS
    ◾Elite cycling Jersey. XS
    ◾Elite cycling Bib shorts. XS
    ◾Elite light weight cycling jacket. XS
    ◾Running XS
    Med vänlig hälsning Jocke

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    Patric Mauritzon

    Hi Nick!
    My order:
    1 Elite cycling Jersey size M
    1 Elite light weight cycling jacket size M
    1 Running T-Shirt size M
    // Patric

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    I would like to order following
    1pc (Size M) Pro Triathlon Skin suit (with sleeves).
    1pc (Size M) Elite cycling Jersey.
    1pc (Size M) Elite cycling Bib shorts.
    1pc (Size M) Elite light weight cycling jacket. (On the Trimtex homepage it said that it would be possible to add +5cm on the sleeves, please do if possible)

    Thank you

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    Rebecca Lönn

    Hi Nick!

    I would like to order:
    1 Triathlon Skin suit (without sleeves) – size M (women´s size)
    1 Running T-Shirt – size M (women´s size)


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    Tobias Josefsson

    Hi Nick!

    My order:
    1 (Size M) Triathlon Skin suit (without sleeves).
    1 (Size M) Elite cycling Jersey.
    1 (Size M) Elite cycling Bib shorts.
    1 (Size M) Elite light weight cycling jacket.
    1 (Size M) Running T-Shirt.

    Sorry if I’m late !

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    Nick Burke

    CLOTHING UPDATE: Hey guys. We will be placing an order on Wednesday so please make sure you have told me what you want! Also, we have the chance to add your last name and your national letters (SWE) to the Trisuit (both – sleeves and non sleeves). The cost is 100kr extra. Please let me know if this is something you would like! Thanks.

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    Tobias Josefsson

    Hi again Nick!

    Update my order with:
    JOSEFSSON and SWE to my Trisuit.

    // Tobias

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    Markus Ilke

    My order:
    1 Pro triathlon skin suite (with sleeves) Size L
    with ILKE SWE

    1 Elite light weight cycling jacket Size L

    1 Running T-shirt Size M
    /Markus Ilke

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    Please print MARTINSSON and SWE on my trisuit as well. Thank you

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    Michael Persson

    Hi i am a new member for today can i order or is it too late
    1 Pro triathlon skin suite(with sleeves)size Small print Persson SWE
    1 Running T-shirt size Small Men
    1 Running T-Shirt – size M (women´s size)


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    Nick Burke

    Hi Michael,
    Its ok. I can make your order.



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    Nick Burke

    Hey Everyone.

    The clothes have arrived and they look AWESOME!!!

    The plan is for you to pay for your order when you collect it. Your order will be in a bag with your items listed and the amount to pay.

    You can pay directly to the club with Swish to Trimate SK: 123 640 98 66 or by Bank Giro: 147-7744.

    The clothes will be ready for collection from Friday 8th. You can collect them from Trimate HQ in Tålebo anytime after Friday. We will also be at the Hallå Hälsa expo in Kalmar on Saturday 9th. Or I can bring clothes with me to Swimming in Oskarshamn on Monday night.

    Let me know what works for you. Also, if you have any questions about your order, just ask. Best to contact me on Face Book or on the members forum. Just send me a message.

    Last thing: We have ordered some extra items in different sizes so if you would like to add something to your order, please ask and I will tell you if its possible.



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    Nick Burke

    Hey! There was a problem with the Swish number i posted before. The new Swish number is: 123 554 38 97 (Trimate SK). Please use this number for paying for clothes 🙂 Tack!!

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