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    Nick Burke


    On the 4th of June I’m thinking about hosting a ’Big Day’ at my place (Drageryd, Högsby). It’s just a free club training event and anyone is welcome to join.

    They day will start around 8am and we will begin with a 1.5 – 2KM open water swim in Gösjön!!

    We will then stop at my house for coffee and a quick snack before heading out on a 90km ride. We will have a transition area set up to simulate race day 🙂

    After the ride we can get some more refreshments then we will begin a 22.5km run.

    At the finish we will arrange a BBQ and some drinks (Beers!) for anyone that wants to hang around for a party!

    Lets me know if its a good idea and how many people would be interested. We can split into different pace groups if needed.



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